Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 rev927.0308 Multilanguage (Spanish), Do Any Office Task

Ashampoo Office Professional 2018 rev927.0308 Multilanguage 
Spanish Incl. 311 MB | Medicine Incl. | Win7 / 8/10
It’s all there is to be an office suite: powerful and fully compatible!
We all know alternatives to Microsoft Office but know some low-priced Office that is fully compatible with the latest and classic Microsoft formats? An office application without commitment and without learning curve? Ashampoo Office 2018 is the fastest way to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with all the comfort and features you would expect from a complete office suite. Its power contrasts with the compactness of the ultimate Office suite!
It can not be easier: the new tape style in Ashampoo Office 2018
The modern tape interface makes it easy for users to access the large set of features. And by the way: the tape mode allows you to access all functions through the menu. This makes the transition from the classic interface easier. If you do not want to change: the classic interface is still there. It is your choice!The perfect text processing: TextMaker 2018
TextMaker 2018 is the modern word processor for any type of document – greeting card, brochure, business letter or complete thesis. The single-object mode allows you to freely place graphics, drawings and text in your document. The real-time word counter helps match any length requirements and native support for DOCX ensures that your files always work with Microsoft Word. The finalized documents can not only be printed but also exported as PDF files or ebooks.Picture: Textmaker Master
Spreadsheets: PlanMaker 2018
The powerful 2018 PlanMaker makes the creation of calculations, tables and graphs incredibly easy. From simple timelines to extensive financial planning for your company, PlanMaker covers everything. Highlighting the syntax and validating the formulas helps you quickly find and eliminate any errors. With more than 350 built-in calculations, an easy addition of tables and support for large spreadsheets with more than 1 million rows, as well as pivot tables, PlanMaker 2018 can perform any calculation. And the program uses XLSX – the format used by Microsoft Excel!

Picture: Planmaker
Captivating Presentations: Presentations 2018
Use Presentations 2018 to create presentations that never cease to impress. The mind-boggling animations and slide transitions along with a mature slide concept help you take on any project. Create any number of master designs with multiple placeholders in just a few clicks. This will not only give your devices a uniform appearance, but also guarantee full compatibility with PowerPoint. Numerous design templates already made and customizable at the touch of a button, prevent the design work from falling on your shoulders. Enhance your presentations with graphics, sounds, videos and animations. since Presentations uses the PPTX file format, interoperability with Microsoft PowerPoint is guaranteed.

Picture: Presentation
Let your documents speak for themselves: with intuitive operation, a gigantic set of functions and excellent performance, Ashampoo Office 2018 quickly delivers top-notch results!



  • Previews of real-time format changes in file selection dialog boxes
  • PDF forms, PDFs with labels, and bookmarks in PDF files
  • Export to EPUB format of E-book
  • Version management retains a number of versions of each freely chosen file to help restore it to any previous version
  • Create and print labels from the database
  • Open and save Microsoft Word 2010 DOCX files without problems
  • Cross references for headers or text
  • Preview templates in File> New
  • The color of the work area can be adjusted at will
  • Automatic superscript of the ordinal numbers (2nd, 3rd etc.)
  • Jump to the next or previous misspelling or grammar
  • Additional number formats for numbers and fields
  • More variations of TextArt
  • Hide unwanted sources in source lists
  • Improved formats for calculations and fields
  • The new Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
  • The sidebar allows you to format and quickly navigate through the document
  • The status bar slider allows you to quickly adjust the magnification level
  • AutoFormat for tables
  • Preview sheet style with a list of all formats included
  • You can create styles directly from the format of a text and also update
  • Crop images directly in TextMaker
  • Legends and lists of figures
  • Antialiasing for all graphics and drawings


  • Open and save XLS and XLSX files from Microsoft Excel 5.0 to 2013 faithful to the original, including password protected files
  • Scale output printing to fit a certain number of pages (five different scaling methods)
  • More than 350 calculation functions
  • With the dynamic tables you can show the data in a certain way according to your personal specifications, totalize them, classify them in categories, compare them and evaluate them
  • Sort by up to 64 columns
  • Live preview of format changes
  • Conditional format with numerous new functions
  • Colored tabs in spreadsheets
  • Images can be cut directly in the spreadsheet
  • More than 80 different types of graphics
  • Import without problems XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010)
  • Numeric formats defined by the user exactly as in Microsoft Excel
  • Data consolidation: Extract useful statistical information from data
  • “Text to columns” Divide the text into cells, according to the indicated separator, through multiple columns.
  • Delete duplicate or empty rows with a single click
  • External references (references to cells in other files)
  • Functions compatible with Excel: “copy down” and “copy from the left”
  • The new 2010 Microsoft Office AutoForms are supported
  • Types of graphics: stock chart and boxplot
  • Create graphics on separate sheets
  • Save the graphics as image files
  • Slider in the taskbar to quickly adjust the magnification level
  • More calculation functions (SI.Mediana and SI.Error)
  • More variations of TextArt
  • Hide unwanted sources from source lists
  • New graphic effects such as reflections, smoothed shadows and transparencies
  • Crop images directly in PlanMaker
  • New and impressive graphic effects for diagrams: smoothed shadows, smoothed edges, and transparencies


  • Open and save PPT and PPTX files from Microsoft Powerpoint 97 to 2013 true to the original, including password protected files
  • Preview the document in the file selection dialog
  • Version management allows users to restore any document to a previous state
  • Live preview of format changes
  • Integrated image trimming
  • Realistic frame effect in the photo
  • Insert graphics (80 types of 2D and 3D graphics)
  • Full screen presentations
  • Open and save PPTX PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 files without problems
  • Open and save password protected PPT- and PPTX files
  • The master slides designed can be easily copied in the master devices view
  • Slider in the status bar to easily adjust the magnification level
  • The new 2010 Microsoft Office AutoForms are supported
  • Play sound files as background music through multiple slides
  • The color of the work area can be freely adjusted
  • More elegant design templates
  • More variations of TextArt
  • Hide unwanted sources from source lists
  • Crop images directly in Presentations
  • Antialiasing for editing and presentation
  • Add own compilations of images
Operating System:
Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7PC:
Any computer that is compatible with previous operating systems.Others:
An internet connection is needed to activate the program.

Total administration permissions are required to use the program.


Ashampoo Office Professional 2018


Ashampoo Office Professional 2018


Ashampoo Office Professional 2018


Ashampoo Office Professional 2018


Ashampoo Office Professional 2018

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